Thursday, 30 July 2015

MAC Lipstick collection

So for my first post in a while I wanted to do something exciting! I don't really have that many mac lipsticks and I couldn't actually find one of them which is annoying. All the lipsticks I do have though I absolutely love MAC lipsticks are my favorite lipsticks I have ever tried! So if you haven't tried one yet you should pick one up! £15 is a little bit pricey but they're so worth it! 

Angel is the first ever MAC lipstick I had! It was a Christmas present from one of my friends. As you can see its well worn! Its definitely great for a first mac lipstick as in my opinion it will suit most skin types and looks absolutely gorgeous on anyone! Angel is a frost lipstick. Its a pretty light pink colour, i'd say its one of those "your lips but better colours". As far as texture goes I find it really creamy and quite hydrating on my lips! I love it, Its my favorite one I've tried! Definitely pick up this one!

 Rebel is another much loved lipstick especially in the Autumn and Winter! Its a satin finish and comes out much lighter that it looks in the tube its like a dark fuchsia pink colour to be honest! I used to wear this all the time when I was in college but lately I've found putting a lipstick on a bit tricky and its kind of put me off my darker colours a bit. Having said that I still love this colour and think that its really unique and worth trying out!

Lady bug is a sheer but build-able light red colout, I believe its a luster finish. Its again quite hydrating on the lips. I wouldnt say its the best red if you wanted a really bright red lip then this isn't for you but if arent quite as confident and you want a sheer red lip then this lipstick is fab! I love wearing this when I go out and have to look put together, or even when i just want to have a bit of colour on my lips!

Up the Amp, where do I start with this one!? Its such a pretty colour! I love it! Its an amplified finish which means its really opaque! I cant really describe the colour its definitely purple though I've never seen anything like it before. I love wearing this with quite a basic eye look I think this colour really makes your lips pop! It glides on and it quite creamy, not as creamy as angel though and I find it quite east to apply!

 Diva is definetely one for the Autumn/Winter time, its a matte deep berry red and looks absolutely stunning, This lipstick on its own is quite drying and difficult to apply however use a lip balm underneath it and its so much nicer to apply! One thing I would say about this though is it washes me out a little bit so I have to apply a really light coat of it on my lips or wear fake tan other than that its a beautiful colour!

Creme cup is my most recent purchase. I bought this off a discount website my friend Ashleigh recommended to me for £12.99. This is a light nude pink colour, Its very creamy and glides on your lips effortlessly. I love this colour with neutral eye looks or everyday wear. I feel like with this colour because it is so creamy it will wear down really quickly. 

Brave is the lipstick that i couldn't find to put in this post I literally have no idea where I have put it i'm so annoyed at myself because this lipstick is gorgeous! I think its one that Kylie Jenner wears because it was so hard to get hold of, i'm not sure though so don't quote me on that! Anyway, this is a gorgeous pinky nude colour which again is amazing for everyday wear its on the darker side of the pinky nudes, it was just a perfect lipstick. I definitely recommend it!

I really do love mac lipsticks and even though my collection isnt the biggest its still growing so expect another one of these in the future!

Beth x

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